Cool Cats

The Bad Game Hall of Fame owes a lot of thanks and inspirations to a lot of different people. Here are just a few of them, all of whom we highly recommend you check out.


Been following this Briton since I saw his first POP Station review way back in ‘06. Honestly one of the first online personalities who got me thinking about possibly establishing my own sort of presence on the Internet, as he made it look so much fun. I reckon he covers more cheapo Poundland products than video games at this current point in time, but he’s still a great source of entertainment regardless. Give his books on bad games a read as well, if’n you’re interested in the subject matter.

Classic Game Room

Mark is the kind of guy you wanna sit back and drink cold beers with while discussing the finer points of Truxton. Of course, I reckon I’d have to find a means of transport to the Intergalactic Space Arcade in which he resides, first. His passion for classic games and his ultra-chill vibes are much appreciated in a day and age of shrieking teeny-boppers shouting over modern releases. His love for the Vectrex is real, and it is beautiful.

Dan Ryckert

Loveable, huggable, scarily relatable idiot. He’s also just a really nice dude who seems super fun to be around and who genuinely does his best to improve himself as a person, so he’s kind of impossible not to like as far as I’m concerned. Give his self-help books a shot if you ever have a chance: His message of plunging yourself headfirst into new things, pursuing your dumbest ideas, and saving the worrying for later is solid life advice.

Frank Cifaldi

Quite possibly the hardest-working man in games preservation today. His work with the Video Game History Foundation (@GameHistoryOrg) is absolutely vital, and he’s a better champion than the games industry probably even deserves. Regardless, his work is greatly appreciated, and deserves as much support as it can get.

Gaming Hell

On a personal level, Ant Cooke has been cool as hell to me, and on a professional level, they run one of the most interesting games websites on the net. The sheer variety of stuff they cover (and the different ways they choose to cover it) is incredible, and I have hella respect for their mentality to cover whatever they want, whenever they want, however they want. Also, man oh man do I love the whole design of their website.

The work Heidi is putting in on covering the history of the Japanese games industry [for the benefit of English-speaking audiences] is essential stuff. She’s also an expert on the subject of kusogē games, which makes her a greatly appreciated asset on this side of the web. Also, you didn’t hear this from me, but I reckon she might be a fan of Vanessa Lewis from Virtua Fighter.

Jeff Gerstmann

I reckon he’s probably known by most as “the man with the most integrity in games journalism.” While that is probably absolutely true, he’s also just an entertaining dude to watch and listen to, with fascinating insights into the industry. In addition to sharing a lot of similar thoughts on games, I also agree with his stances on shitty pizza and dirty Miami bass sound. His advice in regards to getting a foot in the business of games writing / journalism was instrumental in the foundation of this website.

Jeremy Parish

Jeremy’s work in covering the history of Nintendo – through projects such as Game Boy World and Good Nintentions – is as important as it is fascinating (which is to say, very much so). The attention to detail that goes into his work and his hard work in putting in the research is super inspiring stuff. Dude also keeps himself super busy between a number of different sites and projects, so much so that I honestly can’t keep up with all of it. But when I do check in on what he’s been up to, I’m never disappointed.

Kim Justice

British lady who does longform – and I do mean long – videos on all manner of games, game companies, and game developers. She’s super informative, covers a wide variety of topics, and consistently provides compelling content. A particular wealth of knowledge on matters of the British computer games scene of the late 80s / early 90s — which was never a strong suite of mine, but which I feel like I might at least score a passing grade on the subject now thanks to her videos.

Matt McMuscles

I followed Matt back when he was still uploading clip compilations of old games-inspired Saturday morning cartoon shows. Funnily enough, I actually stopped following him for a time when he first transitioned into commenting over video games, because I didn’t think it was gonna “take off.” Clearly, my powers of prediction are impeccable. Needless to say, I’ve gotten back on the bandwagon in recent years, and particularly appreciate his perspective on busted fighting games.

The Obscuritory

Phil Salvador covers games and software I’ve never heard of and would probably never stumble upon on my own. As a bonus, they make it super fascinating to read about and leave me wanting to check out everything he covers for myself. Also, he’s got another one of those website designs that I would totally steal if I could get away with it.

Retro Pals

Two good boys putting out some good ol’ video game content. With streams [and archives] covering the game libraries of infamous developers, consoles, and characters, I’ve come to expect that any of their given episodes will introduce me to at least one or two games that I’ve never seen or heard of before. They’re also just super entertaining to watch and listen to, which is generally the “highest honor” I can give to content.


Rad Brazilian gal with particular passions for old-school Sega and Sonic the Hedgehog. She’s a pleasure to talk about games with, she draws some awesome art (as seen in our Virtual Boy article), and she’s super cute to boot. You can catch some of her games-related writing on her Medium page, and it comes highly recommended if you’re looking for in-depth technical / design analysis.

Stop Skeletons From Fighting

Formerly known as “The Happy Video Game Nerd,” Derek Alexander now collaborates with partner Grace Kramer to make super insightful content centered around the histories of game franchises, developers, and oddball console peripherals. Their “Punching Weight” series is a personal favorite of mine, covering games that aim to overachieve.

Vinny Vinesauce

I don’t really get much into regularly-scheduled gaming live streams, truth be told. Vinny from Vinesauce was my first / longest-running exception. Entertaining, super affable dude who would probably be rad as heck to hang out with. Regularly dedicates his Sundays to “shit shows” packed to the brim with bad games, so check those out if you need a regular fix of trash.

Special Thanks

  • The sister that keeps my dumb ass on track and cheers this sad sack up on something like a daily basis. Hey, lady.
  • That brother of mine who always makes me want to step up my game. Yes, your cat is cuter than mine.
  • A whole heapin’ bunch of hearts all wrapped together in one. Thanks hon.
  • A certain professor who motivated me to keep up this whole writing gimmick. Hope you enjoyed that movie I gave you.