Directory of Game Reviews

This page serves as a list of game reviews currently up on the site, which can be sorted and organized by various different parameters. If you notice any titles or fields missing, please to e-mail Cassidy and let them know!

Game Title Console Genre Publisher Developer Year
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Atari 2600 Adventure Atari Atari 1982
Pit-Fighter Arcade Fighting Atari Atari 1990
Radar Scope Arcade Shoot ‘Em Up Nintendo Nintendo / Ikegami Tsushinki 1979
Castlevania: The Adventure Nintendo GB Platformer Konami Konami 1989
Super 3D Noah’s Ark Nintendo SNES First-Person Shooter Color Dreams / Wisdom Tree Color Dreams / Wisdom Tree 1994
Night Trap Sega CD FMV Sega Digital Pictures 1992
Chase the Chuck Wagon Atari 2600 Puzzle Spectravision ICOM Simulations 1983
Don’t Buy This ZX Spectrum Compilation Firebird 1985
Mortal Kombat (Game Boy) Nintendo GB Fighting Acclaim Probe Software 1993
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Nintendo NES Platformer Bandai Advance Communication 1988
Bad Street Brawler Nintendo NES Beat ‘Em Up Mindscape Beam Software 1989
Quest 64 Nintendo 64 RPG THQ Imagineer 1998
Arthur’s Quest: Battle for the Kingdom PC First-Person Shooter Valusoft 3LV Games 2002
WCW Backstage Assault Nintendo 64 / Sony PS1 Wrestling Electronic Arts Kodiak Interactive 2000
Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within Sony PS1 Adventure Agetec Human Entertainment 1998
Super Mario Bros. Special NEC PC-88 / Sharp X1 Platformer Nintendo Hudson Soft 1986
The Transformers: Mystery of Convoy Nintendo NES Platformer Takara ISCO 1986
Hooters Road Trip Sony PS1 Driving Ubisoft Hoplite Research 1986
Sonic Labyrinth Sega GG Puzzle Sega Minato Giken 1995
Indigo Prophecy / Fahrenheit PC / Sony PS2 / Xbox Adventure Atari Quantic Dream 2005
Haunted Castle Arcade Platformer Konami Konami 1988
Star Wars: Masters of Teräs Käsi Sony PS1 Fighting LucasArts LucasArts 1997
Rogue Warrior PC / Sony PS3 / Xbox 360 First-Person Shooter Bethesda Rebellion Developments 2009
Spy Games: Elevator Mission Nintendo Wii First-Person Shooter UFO Interactive Dreams Co. Ltd. 2007
The Guy Game PC / Sony PS3 / Xbox 360 FMV Gathering Topheavy Studios 2004
Sonic Jam ( Tiger Platformer Tiger Electronics Tiger Electronics 1998
Ikki (NES) Nintendo NES Shoot ‘Em Up Sunsoft Tose 1985
Fight Club Sony PS2 / Xbox Fighting Vivendi Games Genuine Games 1985
Hong Kong 97 Nintendo SNES Shoot ‘Em Up Happy Soft Happy Soft 1995
Bad Rats: the Rats’ Revenge PC Puzzle Strategy First Invent4 Entertainment 2009
Drake of the 99 Dragons PC / Xbox Third-Person Shooter Majesco Idol FX 2003
Castlevania Judgment Nintendo Wii Fighting Konami Konami 2008
Venetian Blinds Atari 2600 Simulation Activision Activision 1980
Friday the 13th Nintendo NES Adventure LJN Atlus 1989
Snake’s Revenge Nintendo NES Adventure Konami Konami 1990
Shaq Fu Sega Genesis Fighting Electronic Arts Delphine Software 1994
Captain Novolin Nintendo SNES Platformer Raya Systems Sculptured Software 1992
Dirty Pair: Project Eden Nintendo NES Platformer Bandai Daiei Seisakusho 1987
Medal of Honor: Underground Nintendo GBA First-Person Shooter Destination Software Rebellion Developments 2002
Energy NEC PCE Platformer Masaya Quasar Soft 1989
GoldenEye: Rogue Agent 6th Generation / Nintendo DS First-Person Shooter Electronic Arts Electronic Arts LA 2004
X-COM: Enforcer PC Third-Person Shooter Hasbro Interactive / Infogrames MicroProse 2001
Elf Bowling 1&2 Nintendo DS / Nintendo GBA Compilation Ignition Entetainment Black Lantern Studios 2005
Loadstar: The Legend of Tully Bodine PC / Sega CD FMV Rocket Science Games Rocket Science Games 1994