About Us

A Brief History of a Bad Game Hall of Fame

The Bad Game Hall of Fame was established in January of 2016; originally as a Tumblr blog, before moving to a dedicated webzone in early 2017. Our first article covered 1982’s E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial for the Atari VCS / 2600 — the title largely credited with bringing about the “Video Game Crash of 1983,” and considered by many to be the worst game of all time. Having seen so many videos and articles purporting misinformation and needlessly-angry reviews regarding the game, author Cassidy’s intent with this article was to take a more informative approach and to evaluate the game more fairly.

Our template is simple: Give a brief history of the era and circumstances of the game in question’s development, review the game itself in depth (covering both the bad and the good), and conclude by measuring the impact and reception of the release. Following this format gives us an opportunity to cover all the necessary angles in figuring out how these games build their bad reputations, and help us determine whether that reputation is necessarily warranted or not.

In addition to covering maligned games, we will occasionally cover failed consoles / peripherals / marketing campaigns as well, in our attempt to tell the history of gaming through the lenses of it’s most ridiculed and despised milestones. It is our belief that this history is all worthy of preserving; in the hopes that future developers do not repeat the same mistakes, and so that players can have a fuller understanding of just how challenging a task game development can truly be. Our goal is not to ridicule or demean those involved with the production of these games: We only wish to shed a light on the risks and frustrations that come with their profession.

Some Suggested Articles

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

“In Defense of E.T. on Atari.” In our first article, we attempt to clear up the myriad misconceptions that surround the infamous 1982 release, and determine who is truly to blame for Atari’s sad fate.

Hong Kong 97

“Hong Kong 97, Number One Super Game.” Finally, one of gaming’s great mysteries finally revealed… or have the answers been right in front of us this whole time? The story of one man’s mission to make “the worst game possible.”

Bad Rats

“I Sing Bad Rats Blues.” Dive deep into the rat hole, and explore the depths of what has arguably become Steam’s most infamous title. Was it completely unintentional, or was it all by design?

Drake of the 99 Dragons

“I Got 99 Problems but a Drake Ain’t One.” As the resurrection of the Undying Dragon has come upon us, we take a look at what is possibly the most-maligned shooter of all time. Did it truly deserve damnation, or does it demonstrate an indomitable spirit?

Tiger Game.com

“Catch a Game.com by the Tail.” The life and times of Tiger Electronics’ failed competitor to Nintendo’s Game Boy. Did it ever truly have a chance? Is Game.com Solitaire perhaps the loneliest game to ever exist?

Nintendo Virtual Boy

“See I’m a 21st Century Virtual Boy.” A look back at Nintendo’s notorious flop console of the mid-1990s, attempting to put the whole mess into perspective. Examines the history and hardware, a selection of games, and the sad reality of the market for “virtual reality” in 1995.