Bad Game Music #09

I’ve Got the Bad Game Music in Me

This batch of uploads went up on the YouTube channel while the Bad Game Hall of Fame website was on an unexpected hiatus. The Biohazard “Yume de Owarasenai” video was edited before deciding to move to a new video template, hence the inconsistency.

  1. Biohazard (PS1) – “Yume de Owarasenai”
  2. Rogue Warrior (360, PS3, PC) – “Kickin’ Ass and Takin’ Names”
  3. Wario World (GCN) – “[Pause Menu]”

About the Author

Cassidy is the curator of a bad video game hall of fame. Whether you interpret that as "a hall of fame dedicated to bad video games" or as "a sub-par hall of fame for video games" is entirely up to you. Genuine cowpoke. Contact: E-mail | Twitter
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