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Sonic Jam (Game.com)

“Come on and Slam, and Welcome to Sonic Jam.” Sonic the Hedgehog’s debut on a non-Sega console may not have been quite the triumph fans had hoped for. What exactly went wrong with this outing on the Tiger Game.com — other than the fact it’s a game for the Game.com?

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Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within

“The Struggle Isn’t over Till the Clock Tower Says Two.” The horror comes home in Human Entertainment’s follow-up to the Scissorman saga. But does it cut as deep without the series standard trademarks on-hand?

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Quest 64

“A Tribe Called Quest 64.” Reviewing the N64’s “first authentic Full Polygon RPG,” and exploring why it was ultimately only one of just a few for the cartridge-based console. Is young Brian’s journey a quest worth accepting?

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