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Games which exist as conversions / ports of previously existing games, attempting [and failing] to bring them to platforms other than the ones they were initially designed in mind for. Often in this process, certain elements of the original game are “lost in translation,” or reproduced so poorly as to barely resemble the source material.

Medal of Honor: Underground (GBA)

“Haha, I’m Underground! (Medal of Honor Never Hurts Again.)” Join the French Resistance once again, as Rebellion Developments attempts to bring a classic PlayStation first-person shooter to Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance. Does he who dares truly win?

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Shaq Fu

“Shaq Fu Take Note, ‘Cause I Stand and Deliver.” Just in time for A Legend Reborn, it’s our comprehensive review of the original game, the circumstances that lead to its development, and the lasting legacy that inspired a follow-up twenty-five years later.

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Drake of the 99 Dragons

“I Got 99 Problems but a Drake Ain’t One.” As the resurrection of the Undying Dragon has come upon us, we take a look at what is possibly the most-maligned shooter of all time. Did it truly deserve damnation, or does it demonstrate an indomitable spirit?

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Ikki (NES)

“Oh Ikki, What a Pity, You Don’t Understand.” We travel back to feudal Japan in search of what is considered to be the world’s first kusogē. Needess to say, we don’t find much there, so we fast-forward a bit to 1985 instead.

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Sonic Jam (Game.com)

“Come on and Slam, and Welcome to Sonic Jam.” Sonic the Hedgehog’s debut on a non-Sega console may not have been quite the triumph fans had hoped for. What exactly went wrong with this outing on the Tiger Game.com — other than the fact it’s a game for the Game.com?

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Bad Street Brawler

“Bad Street Brawler’s Baadasssss Song.” The Power Glove-promoting punch ’em up gets put on trial. Plus, a walk down the street that lead to this game coming to the NES.

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Mortal Kombat (GB)

“Mortal Kombat Makes for Krappy Micro.” What happens when you try to cram large, detailed, full-color digitized fighters onto a tiny, blurry, four-color screen? Not all conversions are created equal.

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“Is Pit-Fighter Truly the Pits?” An in-depth look at a digitized fighter predating Mortal Kombat, marketing itself a graphical powerhouse. But did it have the impressive and innovative gameplay to match?

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