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Games which managed to face legal scrutiny for their content, or otherwise ended up negatively affecting the reputation of the video game industry with their release.

Hong Kong 97

“Hong Kong 97, Number One Super Game.” Finally, one of gaming’s great mysteries finally revealed… or have the answers been right in front of us this whole time? The story of one man’s mission to make “the worst game possible.”

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The Guy Game

“Girls Gone Guy Game (Going Gonzo).” A peak under the covers at a game that would bill itself as “the most controversial” ever released. We get to the bottom of where that controversy stems from, and whether or not there’s any merit to the actual game itself.

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Top Five: Worst Games Print Ads

Five of the worst print ads to ever disgrace the pages of games publications, and the madness behind the marketers responsible.

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Night Trap

“You’ll Get Caught in the Night, in the Night Trap!” A look at what was once briefly considered to be one of the most controversial video games of all time, as well as the related stories of a failed console and the Senate committee hearing on video game violence.

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