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Nintendo Virtual Boy (1995-1996)

“See I’m a 21st Century Virtual Boy.” A look back at Nintendo’s notorious flop console of the mid-1990s, attempting to put the whole mess into perspective. Examines the history and hardware, a selection of games, and the sad reality of the market for “virtual reality” in 1995.

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Super Mario Bros. Special

“The Not-So Super Mario Bros. Special Show.” The Mario game Nintendo would like you to forget. Did Hudson Soft drop the ball in handling the precious license, or did they perhaps hit too close to home for the Big N’s comfort?

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Radar Scope

“Off the Radar Scope.” A look at one of Nintendo’s earliest failures in the games industry. But was it really a failure? Includes a brief overview of Nintendo’s other early video game output, and the helping hands provided by Ikegami Tsushinki.

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