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Spy Games: Elevator Mission

“The Spy Games Who Loved Me.” Can a spiritual successor to Elevator Action successfully bring the arcade action to the Nintendo Wii? Y’know, we could’ve probably pretty safely assumed that’d be a “no.”

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Rogue Warrior

“Rogues, One. Warriors, Zero.” Detailing Dick Marcinko’s one man war against North Korea, English vocabulary, and good game design. But who is truly responsible for this atrocity of war?

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Arthur’s Quest: Battle for the Kingdom

“In Thy Battle for the Kingdom Come, Arthur is Done.” Could this vintage ValuSoft release be a cool bargain, or is its cruelty matched only by Morgan LeFay herself? A classic GameSpot review may have given us a pretty good clue.

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Super 3D Noah’s Ark

“The Lord Said to Noah, ‘Enter the Super 3D Ark.'” Wisdom Tree’s infamous take on Wolfenstein 3D, in its most-remembered SNES incarnation. But can a game based on a veritable classic truly be so bad? Is the story of this game as most folk are familiar with really all that accurate?

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