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Fight Club

“I Did It All for the Fight Club.” A fighting game based on Fight Club almost sounds like it makes sense. Until you think about it for, like, more than two seconds? Clearly, nobody associated with the production of this game had that kind of time to spare.

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Star Wars: Masters of Teräs Käsi

“I Am the Master of My Own Teräs Käsi.” Can the art of Teräs Käsi truly be mastered by a fighting games padawan? Does this Star Wars title maintain balance in the Force, or does it plunge players into darkness?

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WCW Backstage Assault

“WCW’s Backstage, All-Access Pass to Assault.” World Championship Wrestling’s final video game gave us a glimpse into a wrestling promotion on the brink of death. A study of an ill-advised spin-off game, and the struggling promotion who lent it it’s branding.

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Bad Street Brawler

“Bad Street Brawler’s Baadasssss Song.” The Power Glove-promoting punch ’em up gets put on trial. Plus, a walk down the street that lead to this game coming to the NES.

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Mortal Kombat (Game Boy)

“Mortal Kombat Makes for Krappy Micro.” What happens when you try to cram large, detailed, full-color digitized fighters onto a tiny, blurry, four-color screen? Not all conversions are created equal.

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“Is Pit-Fighter Truly the Pits?” An in-depth look at a digitized fighter predating Mortal Kombat, marketing itself a graphical powerhouse. But did it have the impressive and innovative gameplay to match?

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