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Bad Rats: the Rats’ Revenge

“I Sing Bad Rats Blues.” Dive deep into the rat hole, and explore the depths of what has arguably become Steam’s most infamous title. Was it completely unintentional, or was it all by design?

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Hong Kong 97

“Hong Kong 97, Number One Super Game.” Finally, one of gaming’s great mysteries finally revealed… or have the answers been right in front of us this whole time? The story of one man’s mission to make “the worst game possible.”

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Fight Club

“I Did It All for the Fight Club.” A fighting game based on Fight Club almost sounds like it makes sense. Until you think about it for, like, more than two seconds? Clearly, nobody associated with the production of this game had that kind of time to spare.

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Ikki (NES)

“Oh Ikki, What a Pity, You Don’t Understand.” We travel back to feudal Japan in search of what is considered to be the world’s first kusogē. Needess to say, we don’t find much there, so we fast-forward a bit to 1985 instead.

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Sonic Jam (

“Come on and Slam, and Welcome to Sonic Jam.” Sonic the Hedgehog’s debut on a non-Sega console may not have been quite the triumph fans had hoped for. What exactly went wrong with this outing on the Tiger — other than the fact it’s a game for the

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The Guy Game

“Girls Gone Guy Game (Going Gonzo).” A peak under the covers at a game that would bill itself as “the most controversial” ever released. We get to the bottom of where that controversy stems from, and whether or not there’s any merit to the actual game itself.

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Nintendo Virtual Boy (1995-1996)

“See I’m a 21st Century Virtual Boy.” A look back at Nintendo’s notorious flop console of the mid-1990s, attempting to put the whole mess into perspective. Examines the history and hardware, a selection of games, and the sad reality of the market for “virtual reality” in 1995.

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Spy Games: Elevator Mission

“The Spy Games Who Loved Me.” Can a spiritual successor to Elevator Action successfully bring the arcade action to the Nintendo Wii? Y’know, we could’ve probably pretty safely assumed that’d be a “no.”

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Rogue Warrior

“Rogues, One. Warriors, Zero.” Detailing Dick Marcinko’s one man war against North Korea, English vocabulary, and good game design. But who is truly responsible for this atrocity of war?

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Star Wars: Masters of Teräs Käsi

“I Am the Master of My Own Teräs Käsi.” Can the art of Teräs Käsi truly be mastered by a fighting games padawan? Does this Star Wars title maintain balance in the Force, or does it plunge players into darkness?

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