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Cassidy is the curator of a bad video game hall of fame. Whether you interpret that as "a hall of fame dedicated to bad video games" or as "a sub-par hall of fame for video games" is entirely up to you. Genuine cowpoke. Contact: E-mail | Twitter

Captain Novolin

“Captain Novolin and the Attack of the Talking Tuna.” When the world needs a hero, Captain Novolin answers the call. The world then proceeds to collectively pretend that they’re driving through a tunnel, and can’t hear what the Captain is saying. Such is the power of the world’s “first diabetic superhero!”

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The Bad Game Hall of Fame on Patreon!

For those interested in supporting the Bad Game Hall of Fame monetarily,¬†we’ve just launched our page on Patreon! I’m still working out what sorts of perks and rewards are worth putting up and providing, and the logistics of how best …

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Top Five: Best Books About the History of Video Games

Five of the best books covering subjects surrounding games development and the history of the industry; plus, a very dishonorable mention.

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Shaq Fu

“Shaq Fu Take Note, ‘Cause I Stand and Deliver.” Just in time for A Legend Reborn, it’s our comprehensive review of the original game, the circumstances that lead to its development, and the lasting legacy that inspired a follow-up twenty-five years later.

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Snake’s Revenge

“Oh My Sweet Snake’s Revenge.” Declassifying Solid Snake’s mission to save the world from a truly Kockamamie scheme, all while suffering the yellowing skin symptoms of jaundice. What went wrong in North America’s sequel to Metal Gear?

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Friday the 13th

“Look What You Did to Friday the 13th!” Gather ’round the campfire, and listen to the legend of 8-bit Jason Voorhees. Is it truly the terror it is made out to be, or is there a happy ending to this horror story?

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Venetian Blinds

“There Are No Venetian Blinds in Venice.” The true story behind a programmer’s joke, which we’ve all been re-telling wrong for the better part of twenty years. It’s time for us to raise the curtain — or should I say, blinds?

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Castlevania Judgment

“History Passes the Final Castlevania Judgment.” Warriors of the Light and Creatures of the Night gather to do battle with motion controls in hand. But is it a Castlevania game worth fighting for?

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Interview: Andrew Bado

An interview with a QA tester for Drake of the 99 Dragons, conducted with the goal of dispelling some of the long-running rumors surrounding the game, and providing some behind-the-scenes insight into a largely undocumented development cycle.

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Drake of the 99 Dragons

“I Got 99 Problems but a Drake Ain’t One.” As the resurrection of the Undying Dragon has come upon us, we take a look at what is possibly the most-maligned shooter of all time. Did it truly deserve damnation, or does it demonstrate an indomitable spirit?

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