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Exhibit: Cradle of Aviation Museum

A virtual tour of a New York museum’s video game exhibit – complete with photos – and a catalogue of all the games on display.

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Bad Game Music #03

“And Yet More Bad Game Music.” Featuring: Duke Nukem 3D (Genesis), Sonic Spinball, and Tribes 2.

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Bad Street Brawler

“Bad Street Brawler’s Baadasssss Song.” The Power Glove-promoting punch ’em up gets put on trial. Plus, a walk down the street that lead to this game coming to the NES.

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Tiger (1997-2000)

“Catch a by the Tail.” The life and times of Tiger Electronics’ failed competitor to Nintendo’s Game Boy. Did it ever truly have a chance? Is Solitaire perhaps the loneliest game to ever exist?

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Bad Game Hall of Fame Dot Com

Today marks the launch of! Posts dated before this update are ported from our original home on the Bad Game Hall of Fame Tumblr account, which will henceforth be used to point to new posts on this website. As …

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